Fade Out


Fade Out is a visual investigation of the sensitive and still inadequately represented issue of suicide among young men. Having suffered from depression myself since 2015 I have considered how best to raise awareness and to represent the specific concerns of sufferers photographically. I consider myself extremely fortunate to have had not only a creative outlet, which has helped me to address and untangle the triggers and complexities of my illness, but also to have had a network of relatives, friends and colleagues who have supported and understood me. 

I would like to dedicate Fade Out to the men we have lost and hope that by making the issue more visible and accessible many more young men might find outlets and support networks. 

Male suicide is the biggest killer of men under the age of 45 in the UK with rates three times higher than women. Sadly, this is a statistic that only 20% of the UK is aware of. This project’s primary objective is to raise awareness which will ultimately save lives.


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If you have made it this far and you happen to be struggling with life at the minute - know that you are not alone. Depression makes us feel that it is unique to us as individuals and that no one else has been through what we have. 

One thing all sufferers know is just how hard it is to open up to another person.

What if they treat me differently? What if they shut me out because they think I'm just being dramatic? What if they tell everyone else? What if they end up just talking about themselves?

I can only tell you from my own experience that opening up changed my life. Unfortunately that does not mean that I'm cured and can go on living my life as if I never had depression. It is still there. In the back of my head somewhere. I will always have ups and downs. But now I have people looking out for me and no longer feel the worst symptom of depression - that I am alone. 

When you're ready, I urge you to reach out. If you would rather speak to someone anonymously then the charities below provide an incredible service that is free and open to everyone.